Smartsheet Platform

Bridge by Smartsheet

Automate business processes across platforms

Business processes and people often rely on multiple systems to store important data and perform work, typically requiring manual steps and human intervention to bridge the gap. With a no-code interface, Bridge helps you connect data across systems and automates routine tasks, increasing accuracy and efficiency, so that your team can spend more time innovating.

Automate multi-step, cross-platform processes

Remove manual entry errors from your common workflows, like adding new leads in your customer relationship management (CRM) platform or surfacing your most recent Smartsheet comments inside a sheet.

Work on what matters most

Spend less time copying and pasting data from system to system and more time working on completing projects and process improvement.

Deliver actionable insights on business health

Connect systems of record to the right processes and help your organization make informed, confident decisions based on up-to-date information and data.

Build complex business workflows without code

Bridge’s no-code user interface empowers you to set up new configurations between systems or adapt existing ones to meet your evolving business needs.

We were able to take our implementation team’s automated emails outside of Salesforce and move into Bridge through the use of an API with SendGrid. This has saved us time and allowed us to accelerate process improvements and process changes, by eliminating the need to go through our Salesforce Administrator and various approval stages. As a result, we can continue to scale and optimize our team’s workflow.

Rachel Schiele, Director, Professional Services & Customer Success at Motus

Key Features

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Eliminate repetitive, manual business processes, so that you can deliver quality work faster.


Provide actionable insights on business health by connecting your systems of record to the right processes.

Simple easy to use

Solve the complex challenges unique to your business with advanced workflows built through a no-code interface.

Bridge Integrations

Resource Management by Smartsheet

Build the best team for the job, keep project schedules and budgets on track, and confidently forecast business needs


Pull in weather data to keep your field teams informed about the safety of their working environments


Collect information about your customers, users, or leads and help your account teams stay informed

Custom Channel

Create a chatbot to respond to user requests and questions with your custom messaging platform

Facebook Messenger

Create a chatbot to interact with user requests and questions


Track your deliveries and inventory by obtaining the status of your FedEx shipments

Google Geocode

Pull location data from anywhere in the world to keep your field teams informed

Google Hangouts Chat

Create chat bots to interact with user requests or questions

Google Translate

Allow multilingual teams to work more effectively by removing communication barriers in their content

Harvest Time Tracking

Automatically create clients and projects, or assign team members to projects

Inbound Webhook

Connect to any platform with an open API by using an inbound webhook



Send transactional emails to your customers without running your own email service

Marketo Logo


Streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks & workflows to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue

Microsoft Teams

Create a chatbot that streamlines your organization’s processes and to interact with user requests and questions

Nexmo Logo


Build and host IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems and handle SMS messages


Edit and retrieve your Sales data across systems


Automatically create and send transactional emails and marketing campaigns to your customers


Build impactful workflows that interact with your sheets that tailor your Smartsheet solution to fit your organization’s needs

UPS Tracking

Retrieve the latest shipment status for a UPS shipment or parcel using its tracking ID

Web Chat

Embed your chat workflows into a chat channel on your web page

Workplace by Facebook

Automatically edit or create Workplace groups based on employee role

Brandfolder logo


Automate your content management process to break down silos between where work is being planned and where creative work is being executed

Google Ads logo

Google Ads

Use the Google Ads integration to automate the creation and management of ad campaigns.

Facebook logo

Facebook Ads

Use the Facebook Ads integration to automate the creation and management of ad campaigns.


The ServiceNow integration in Bridge enables users to create complex automated workflows to manage records in their ServiceNow instance and connect actions taken in ServiceNow to other systems. 

Microsoft Sharepoint logo


The SharePoint Bridge integration will enable users to trigger workflows from a change in a SharePoint List. List items can also be created, updated, and deleted from an external system such as from a sheet in Smartsheet.