Automate your project portfolio with Smartsheet Control Center

Control Center builds on the core value of Smartsheet to deliver project consistency, visibility, and processes at scale by automating project creation, managing change, and aggregating portfolio analytics.

streamlined team engagement

  • Streamlined team engagement

  • Project intake

  • Standardized methodology

  • Automated provisioning

  • Change management

  • Resource management

  • Portfolio analytics

Key benefits

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Aggregate portfolio-level visibility to help teams make confident decisions on budget, risk and resources.


Pre-designed blueprints with built-in best practices and automated workflows help teams drive consistency in execution and reporting.

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Manage project creation, change management and archiving to help teams deliver projects that align to company goals and objectives.

Before Smartsheet, it was hard to get a consistent experience. Control Center forced us to...think about how we needed to create those [project] templates to generate the robust program and portfolio level reporting we wanted. Now that project reporting naturally flows from our daily work.

—Lisa Wagstaff, Program Manager, Rackspace Technology

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