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Event Program


Program timing on Sunday has been set to allow interstate and traveling teams to catch 5.30pm flights from Gold Coast airport.

Thursday 8 August

 6.00pm-8.00pm Registration - Courthouse Hotel, Murwillumbah
 6.30pm NRS Men - Managers Meeting
 7.00pm  NRS & QRTS Women - Managers Meeting
Friday 9 August - Tyalgum
6.00am Commissaire Meeting
6.40am Sign-On
7.10am QRTS Masters Team Managers Meeting
7.40am QRTS Masters 97.7km Race Start
7.55am NRS Women & QRTS Women 97.7km Race Start
11.00am QRTS Men Team Managers Meeting
11.15am NRS Men 127.2km Race Start
11.30am QRTS Men 97.7km Race Start
Saturday 10 August - Madura Tea Estate
6.00am Commissaire Meeting
6.40am Sign-On
7.40am QRTS Masters 74.9km Race Start
8.00am NRS Women & QRTS Women 74.9km Race Start
10.50am NRS Men 140.2km Race Start
11.50am QRTS Men 112.4km Race Start
Sunday 11 August - Murwillumbah
6.00am Sign-On
6.00am Commissaire Meeting
7.00am QRTS Masters Individual Time Trial Start
7.50am NRS Women & QRTS Women Individual Time Trial Start
8.35am NRS Men Individual Time Trial Start
9.20am QRTS Men Individual Time Trial Start
11.00am QRTS Masters Criterium Start
11.45am  NRS Women & QRTS Women Criterium Start
12.50pm NRS Men Criterium Start
2.00pm QRTS Men Criterium Start



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